Police see increased use of hydroponic marijuana

(Photo courtesy of the Harlingen Police Department)

Harlingen police say they are cracking down on a specific type of marijuana after seizing homemade baked goods that were laced with the drug last week.

During a raid of a Harlingen home on Friday, police arrested two suspects and seized homemade Valentine’s Day baked goods believed to be laced with narcotics, as CBS 4 News previously reported.

On Monday, Harlingen police identified the suspects as 34-year-old Noe Aguilar and 30-year-old Griselda Arispe, who have both been charged with possession of a controlled substance, a third-degree felony; delivery of marijuana, a state jail felony; three counts of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, a first-degree felony; and three counts of abandon or endanger a child criminal activity, a state jail felony.

Harlingen police Commander Dave Osbourne says the cookies were laced with hydroponic marijuana, a type of marijuana that is significantly more potent than regular marijuana, according to Osbourne. Hydroponic marijuana has increased in popularity in the Rio Grande Valley over the years, Osbourne said.

"In this case particular, they took some of the hydroponic marijuana and they actually ground it up to a fine powder,” Osbourne said. “We believe they used that to make the Rice Krispy treats that we seized, as well as some of the cookies. The idea is that it's wrapped in Valentine's Day packaging, probably for sell for the consumers who knew what it was, but it’s a way to hide the narcotic."

Osbourne says traditionally, hydroponic cannabis comes from the Dallas and Austin areas.

Harlingen police say multiple tips led to Friday's seizure and arrests.

Authorities asks residents to continue to report suspicious activity by calling Harlingen Crime Stoppers at 956-425-8477.

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