Port Isabel voters approve Proposition A, B and C

(Source: KGBT Photo)

New changes are on the way to Port Isabel after voters approved all propositions for the City.

Unofficial results show that Proposition A passed by a vote of 75% for to 25% against. Unofficial results show that Proposition B passed by a vote of 56% for to 44 against. Unofficial results also show that Proposition C passed by a vote of 63% for to 37% against.

Prop A will spend $4.1 million on street and drainage improvements. Prop B calls for $750,000 to improve city building and facilities. Prop C allocates $1.1 million to parks and recreation, including the Laguna Madre Youth Center.

As a result of the propositions passing, taxes will be raised by about 7 cents per every $100 in property value.

"Port Isabel has a large backlog of unmet needs, repairs that need to be done. I think if you drove to several of our streets, they're in poor condition. We have some buildings that need to be renovated or expanded and some of the parks need some upgrades," City Manager, Jared Hockema, said in an interview to CBS 4.

City officials told CBS 4 that once the bond has been paid, the tax will go away.

No word on when work will begin.

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