Preparations underway for early voting in Hidalgo County

CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley

With early voting in Hidalgo County set to kick off Monday, Hidalgo County poll workers are preparing for some new changes.

"It's very important that our community understand that although voter ID is still under litigation, they must be prepared to take an ID, one of the seven acceptable forms of ID, to the polls locations because our courts have not yet decided," said Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon.

Hidalgo County workers are currently being trained so they're prepared and ready for the new changes to take effect.

"We like to train our judges and clerks at least a week in advance. The state asked us to wait for the last possible moment, which is why we are training today," Ramon said.

The Hidalgo County Elections Department said they are prepared. The poll workers practiced setting up and breaking down all the equipment Thursday.

"We have trained over a 104 judges and clerks. What we found works very well is having an actual mock setup. We have everything ready to go as if it's their first day of elections or early voting," Ramon said.

Hidalgo County has more than 800 of these voting machines stored in a warehouse, but 212 of those machines are currently making their way over to those early poll locations.

While the county is making arrangements, Ramon said she hopes voters will too.

"Typically, constitutional amendment voter turnout is very low, but we're hoping that our community understands that every election is an important election. We encourage everyone to be informed, to find out which amendments are on the ballot, and get out there and vote. Let's make sure that Hidalgo County gets out there and reaches all voters," said Ramon.

For information on voting poll locations, hours or sample ballots visit the Hidalgo County Elections Department's website.

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