Protestors claim construction workers unpaid for weeks of labor

May Day protestors hit the streets to stand up against wage theft of local school construction workers. More than three dozen people protested outside D. Wilson Construction in McAllen.

Local advocacy groups are claiming the company has failed to pay construction workers who help build schools right here in the valley

They haven TMt gotten paid a single cent. To us, that is virtual slavery. We want this to stop," said Fuerza Del Valle coordinator Hector Guzman Lopez.

Lopez is accusing D. Wilson along Texas Descon of wage theft. Lopez claimed over 40 workers, who helped building public schools in Pharr, San Juan, Los Fresnos, Harlingen, and Sharyland, have not been paid by the construction companies they worked for.

Since February, since January, since December-some of them a week, some of them as much as four weeks of no pay, not a single penny paid to them," said Lopez.

Thursday, dozens held a protest outside D. Wilson Construction demanding answers and accountability.

What we want is Wilson to come to the table and support the workers to get their pay that TMs it, and to make sure it never happens as we understand it-it TMs a practice that happens a lot, said Lopez.

Within an hour, the business called police. Turns out, activists were violating city law because you cannot use a bullhorn to protest in city of McAllen.

"We're not prohibiting freedom of speech, we're not. It's like a sign we're not telling you what to write or not to write, we're just controlling the manner in which is it being done," said McAllen Health and Code Enforcement Director Josh Ramirez.

Ramirez said it TMs all about making sure demonstrations are held in a safe location without the use of amplified noise.

Fuerza del Valle said workers who helped build local schools remain unpaid . We also spoke to D. Wilson Construction, but they declined to comment.

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