Protestors fight for fair wages outside Brownsville tortilleria

A small group of protestors shouted for Justice NOW! outside Capistran Tortilleria in Brownsville on Friday.

The tortilleria is on the corner of Southmost Road and Tulipan Street.

Jorge Rubio is a former employee of the restaurant, and he told Action 4 News that management was only paying him $50 for an eleven hour day.

That calculates to only $4.54 an hour, much less than minimum wage.

According to Rubio, his former boss told him the reason he didn TMt pay him at least minimum wage was because the business was suffering financially.

Outraged, Rubio called the Fuerza del Valle Workers Center, who helped organize this protest.

They explained how important it was to fight against the injustice of subminimum wages.

Their plan is to put pressure on the owners of the business to pay Rubio what he rightfully earned.

We are putting pressure through demonstrations. We have sent him (the owner) a formal letter and we TMre probably going to have to take it to court, said Hector Guzman Lopez with Fuerza del Valle.

Protestors stayed outside the tortilleria for over an hour, drawing attention to a problem they hope will soon be resolved.

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