Protestors, supporters make voices heard during Trump visit

Protestors and supporters made their voices heard as they gathered in McAllen today for the President’s visit.

In anticipation of President Donald Trump’s arrival to McAllen, crowds of people waited near the airport.

There were people who waved the American flag high in support of Trump.

"To support our president and show our respect for him,” said Carlos Ramirez of Palmhurst.

While others across the street believed he should be impeached.

"I'm totally opposed to Donald Trump's presidency,” said Emmy Perez, co-founder of Poets Against Walls. “I believe that he has manufactured a fake crisis here."

While both sides have different views of the border, in the crowd were Valley residents who shared their own opinions of the proposed border fence.

"We support the wall because right now, more than ever, it's becoming very dangerous out there,” said Jessica Croy, wife of a Border Patrol Agent.

"We are not in crisis here along the border that we are a family-oriented, peaceful community and there is no emergency,” said Brandy Kennedy. “We do not need a physical wall to separate us from our friends in Mexico."

In the group of protestors were also federal employees who just want to go back to work.

“We're worried about child care, possible medical bills and we're worried if we're not going to get our next paycheck,” said David Rodriguez, a federal tractor operator.

Rodriguez said he is lucky enough to make ends meet with his wife's paycheck, but adds that there are other federal employees who may not even have that option.

"I’m sure there's some government workers that only have that one paycheck coming in and it must be very difficult for them,” said Rodriguez.

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