Records reveal new details on Elsa murder

Jose Roberto Dominguez, 34, of Elsa stated he stabbed Sandra Beltran, 49, of Elsa to death on Sept. 8 after she refused to sell him Xanax pills, according to a criminal complaint obtained by CBS 4 News. (Photo courtesy of the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office)

New details from a criminal complaint allege an Elsa man stabbed a 49-year-old Elsa woman to death after she refused to sell him Xanax pills on Sept. 8.

As CBS 4 News previously reported, Jose Roberto Dominguez, 34, of Elsa was charged with capital murder in connection to the death of Sandra Beltran, 49, on Friday.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by CBS 4 News, investigation of the case began after the Elsa Police Department received a call regarding a submerged car in a canal.

While police responded to the scene, investigators were informed of reports of a 4-year-old boy—later identified as Beltran’s grandson—who was “found wandering in the street with blood about his person."

Investigators learned the boy had witnessed “a violent attack on his grandmother," and responded to an apartment complex near Mario Leal Drive and Ciro Caceres Avenue, where they found Beltran in a pool of blood.

The Elsa Police Department then contacted Texas Rangers for assistance in the case.

During their investigation, Texas Rangers learned Beltran was “known to illegally sell ‘bars’ (Xanax) pills to local users,” and was killed by a person wearing a red hoodie.

According to the criminal complaint, Texas Rangers responded to Dominguez’s residence after determining he was a suspect in the case. After Elsa police conducted an investigation, they found Dominguez was in possession of additional pills and arrested him.

According to the criminal complaint:

“Surveillance video in the neighborhood shows an individual approximately matching Dominguez physical descriptors walking toward the crime scene just, with a distinct gait, moments before the time Rangers determine the murder occurred. Dominguez was found in possession of a unknown quantity of pills, most likely taken from the victim’s residence.”

During an interview with Texas Rangers, Dominguez stated he went to Beltran’s apartment Friday morning to commit a robbery for Xanax pills.

“Dominguez further stated Beltran would not give him the pills because he had no money. Dominguez then stated he began to stab her with a knife. Dominguez stated he stabbed her for approximately five minutes to ensure there were no witnesses.”

After Beltran was dead, Dominguez reportedly stole Beltran’s mother’s vehicle —a 1997 tan Ford Taurus—and later crashed it into the canal, the criminal complaint states.

Dominguez added he placed his bloody clothes and shoes in a trash can and dropped the red hoodie in the canal before walking home.

On Monday during an arraignment, Justice of the Peace Charlie Espinoza did not set a bond for Dominguez due to the severity of the crime.

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