Records: Trucker caught at Pharr bridge with 64 kilograms of cocaine

Federal agents arrested a trucker Thursday after he crossed the Pharr bridge with about 64 kilograms of cocaine, according to the criminal complaint against him.

When a trucker named Fabian Alejandro Dominguez-Astorga attempted to cross the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, officers sent him to secondary inspection.

A K-9 alerted to the tractor-trailer, according to the criminal complaint. Officers searched the tractor-trailer and found a secret compartment filled with packages.

Agents with Homeland Security Investigations — a division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — arrived at 12:15 a.m. Thursday to question Dominguez about the packages.

According to the criminal complaint:

DOMINGUEZ stated when he picked up the tractor trailer on the evening of April 12th, he suspected there were narcotics in the trailer because of the nervous manner in which his supervisor was acting when the supervisor turned over the tractor trailer. Based on the supervisor's unusually nervous behavior, DOMINGUEZ stated he had second thoughts of crossing the tractor trailer from Mexico into the United States. DOMINGUEZ knew his supervisor to be very talkative; however, on the evening of April 12th, when the supervisor turned over the tractor trailer to DOMINGUEZ, the supervisor was unusually short of explanations and nervous. DOMINGUEZ knew his supervisor to be involved in narcotics smuggling. DOMINGUEZ stated — based on his observation of the supervisor — that he suspected the trailer was loaded with cocaine or marijuana. DOMINGUEZ suspects that in February of 2017, he crossed two trailers that were loaded with narcotics for this supervisor.

Officers found 55 packages hidden in two compartments. The packages, which tested positive for cocaine, weighed about 64 kilograms.

Dominguez is charged with attempting to import cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos ordered Dominguez held until a preliminary examination and detention hearing on April 19.

An attorney for Dominguez couldn't be reached for comment.

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