Reynosa man earns nickname 'Crocodile Hunter'

A Reynosa man has earned the nicknames of 'Crocodile Hunter' and 'Crocodile Dundee' after capturing a crocodile almost 10 feet long.

KGBT-TV's Spanish-language newscast "Noticias de la Frontera" spoke with Cipriano Jimenez-Galvan.

Jimenez-Galvan lives along a drainage ditch where he captured a 9.8-foot crocodile using rope and his bare hands.

Crocodiles are not native to Reynosa but the large reptiles have been introduced to the area presumibly by people who tried to keep them as pets.

Jimenez-Galvan told Noticias de la Frontera that he kept the animal's hide and shared its meat with his neighbors.

Reynosa city officials said area residents should not try to capture or kill crocodiles or alligators.

Instead, they urge residents to call 066, the Mexican version of 911, to have firefighters and other authorities remove the animal.

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