RGV passengers react to 60 Minutes Allegiant report

A 60 Minutes report about Allegiant Airlines has sparked nationwide concerns even in the Rio Grande Valley.

A 60 Minutes report about Allegiant Airlines has sparked nationwide concerns, even in the Rio Grande Valley.

The report raised safety concerns that include halted take-offs, cabin pressure loss, emergency drops and unscheduled landings.

CBS 4 reached out to Allegiant, which responded with a statement by the vice president of operations, Captain Eric Gust, explaining that Allegiant complies with FAA requirements and participates in numerous voluntary safety programs to ensure that their operations meet the highest standards.

Allegiant added that they have served more than 90 million passengers since 2001.

Despite the accusations made against the Las Vegas-based airlines, passengers who took off Wednesday afternoon on a flight with Allegiant from the McAllen International Airport had mixed emotions boarding, as they were well aware of the 60 Minutes report.

"I don't foresee any problems of me flying and I knew about the reports, so it didn't bother me,” said Allegiant passenger, Jorge Garcia.

Garcia has chosen to fly with Allegiant a number of times because he is attracted by their lower air fares. While passengers like Ward Thomas appreciates the option of getting to a destination without any layovers.

“Because the flights are direct,” said Thomas.

Other passengers, like Leandra Ruiz, was initially concerned considering the fact that she was scheduled to fly with Allegiant, but was reassured by an email sent by the airline’s CEO, Maury Gallagher.

"I thought it had something to do with boarding so when I opened it up, I pushed play and he addressed the issue. So, I was pleased," said Ruiz.

Allegiant flies to Vegas four days out of the week from McAllen with seasonal flights to Los Angeles and Orlando.

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