Ricardo Rodriguez responds to Rene Guerra's request to appoint him in Irene Garza case

District Attorney Elect Ricardo Rodriguez

District Attorney Elect Ricardo Rodriguez responded in a written letter to Rene Guerra's request to appoint him as the special prosecutor in the Irene Garza case that he has decided to turn down the offer.

Ricardo Rodriguez personally delivered his written response to the Hidalgo County District Attorney's office Monday afternoon.

The letter explains that he will revisit the Irene Garza case, but not until he officially takes office in January 2015.

Relatives of Irene Garza said they wholeheartedly support Rodriguez's decision to do so.

"Actually, at first, I thought it was a joke," said Irene Garza's cousin Noemi Siegler.

She's referring to the letter written Friday from current District Attorney Rene Guerra to District Attorney Elect Ricardo Rodriguez.

It's an invitation for him to be appointed as special prosecutor to the Irene Garza murder case.

"For 10-12 years that he refused to take the Irene Garza case seriously and then all of a sudden he makes an about face and all of a sudden he wants to take it to the grand jury really quickly?" said Siegler in disbelief.

The Garza family said Rodriguez has not made any promises to them in regards to trying the case.

They add they fully support Rodriguez's decision to wait until he takes office so that Irene Garza's case can reviewed under the full control of Rodriguez and his team.

Rodriguez questions his true motives as well.

He rejected the DA's invitation adding this quote: "For many years, you sat passively on a case that has garnered national attention. Now, after the election, you purport to appoint me as special prosecutor to handle this matter."

According to Rodriguez, a District Attorney has no legal authority to appoint a special prosecutor; that is to be left up to a judge.

He also added that Guerra has yet to personally concede the election and instead has made public statements that he would be unwilling to help Rodriguez make an "orderly transition."

Siegler said Guerra is being wishy-washy especially after the post-election defeat, which is why she doesn't trust him.

"Doing this antic, this has to stop. This man has to simply go away. Rene, go away, please have some pride."

We reached out to Rene Guerra about Rodriguez's decision, who said he is willing to accommodate Rodriguez and the Garza family to allow them to proceed with the case.

Guerra adds that if Rodriguez wants him to go through a judge the appointment, he will arrange that.

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