Rio Grande Valley family runs fireworks stand in Primera

What was once a man’s side job has become a family affair.

What was once a man’s side job has become a family affair.

Rey Sauceda has been selling fireworks at a fireworks stand in Primera for several years. Now, his children are helping him out in the hopes that they'll learn valuable lessons of hard work and responsibility, Sauceda says.

Five years ago, Sauceda was unemployed, so selling fireworks seemed like the best option.

"The kids just wanted some extra cash and we had more kids at the time they were here with us," Sauceda said.

Now a full time car salesman, Sauceda has stayed in the fireworks business, bringing along his family to help run the stand.

"It teaches them discipline [] versus having everything handed to them," Sauceda said.

Aside from the business, he can spend quality time with his family. Another perk of the job is interacting with customers.

"People that I know that have bought vehicles from me," Sauceda said.

Sauceda plans to be keep his stand open through the night on Wednesday until supplies last.

His fireworks stand is located near the corner of Primera Rd. and Hand Rd.

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