Robocalls continue to be a hassle for everyone

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    Recently released numbers show a record number of Americans have received robocalls.

    According to YouMail, a service that helps people identify and block telemarketer calls, said they’ve counted 5.2 billion robocalls just within the month of January.

    "There's three very common ones,” said Sandra Longoria from Mission. "There's one about student loans, one about Trump and one about insurance."

    Longoria might have received one of the approximately 2.4 million robocalls made every month in 2018 in the United States, that's according to the Federal Communications Commission.

    "Sales robocalls are not allowed, they are actually illegal," said Dolores Salinas, President of the Better Business Bureau in the Rio Grande Valley.

    The Federal Trade Commission says they track phone numbers that make the robocalls, investigate companies and file lawsuits against them.

    Salinas recommends people place a scam phone number on the Do Not Call Registry or block the number. But she says the best thing to do is to just let the call go to voicemail.

    "The longer you are on the call, the better they are to track you as a valid number that they can continue calling or sell your information to another robocall company," Salinas said.

    According to YouMail, more than half of robocalls involved scam and telemarketing calls dealing mostly with health insurance scams and interest rate scams. The State of Texas last month had the most robocalls in the country with 583 million calls.

    The Better Business Bureau says if a person truly wants the service someone is offering over the phone, they should first investigate the company and research their credibility before doing business with them.

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