Rumored murder of Twitter user sending shockwaves in Reynosa

@Miut3 regularly reported on drug cartel activity and crime on Twitter

The rumored death of a woman who used Twitter to report drug cartel activity is sending shockwaves through the network's community on Reynosa.

A woman known to most as @Miut3 was reportedly murdered.

The shocking crime was posted on a series of disturbing tweets early Thursday morning.

Action 4 News spoke to Tamaulipas State Police who confirmed on Thursday evening that there is an active criminal investigation into her disappearance.

Twitter users told Action 4 News that it does not matter whether or not the crime is real, the message is clear: drug cartels don't want them reporting on Twitter.

Disturbing Tweets

The first tweet was posted at 5:04 a.m. Thursday.

"Friends and family, my real name is Maria Del Rosraio Fuentes Rubio, I'm a doctor and today, my life has come to an end," @Miut3 posted on Twitter.

It was followed by another message two minutes later.

"I can only tell you to not make the same mistake I did, it doesn't benefit you, quite the opposite as I realize today," the tweet stated.

Another tweet posted at 5:09 a.m. Thursday warned three specific Twitter users.

"I found death and got nothing out of it," Miut3 wrote. "@Bandolera7, @civilarmado_mx and @ValorTamaulipas, death is closer to us than you think."

But a final tweet as posted at 5:11 a.m. Thursday contained a grim message.

"Close your accounts, don't risk your families the way I did, I ask you all for forgiveness," the tweet stated.

The final tweet included two photos: one of her and other of her lifeless and bloody body.

All the tweets were posted using the #reynosafollow hashtag.

Reynosa residents use the hashtag to warn each other about report chases, shootouts, crime and drug cartel activity.

Twitter Users Respond

Many Twitters users spoke to Action 4 News about the disturbing posts.

THe post has created a chilling effect among the tight-knit and on-line community.

One Twitter user told Action 4 News that he fears that her murderers have her cell phone and access to her direct messages on Twitter.

The Reynosa man said he and others are deleted their direct messages with her and unfollowing her.

Some people are reportedly changing their cell phones and telephone numbers.

He and other users are using the block or report feature on Twitter to report what happened.

"We're using the Block and Spam feature to report @Miut3's account so they can deactivate it," the man told Action 4 News.

Twitter suspended Miut3's account on Thursday afternoon.

Murder For Another Reason?

One of the original leaders on the #reynosafollow hashtag spoke to Action 4 News about the reported slaying.

The Twitter leader told Action 4 News Miut3 was killed not for reporting crime but rather something that happened at her job as a doctor.

Sources close to the reportedly slain doctor told him that Miut3 was indeed a doctor who worked at a clinic in south central Reynosa.

The Twitter leader said a drug dealer's family came in with a sick child but she was unable to treat the boy and he died en route to the hospital.

According to the #reynosafollow leader, the drug cartel member sent men to kidnap the doctor.

They reportedly discovered her on-line identity on Twitter and used it as an opportunity to intimidate the rest.

"They are distorting it to scare the community," the Twitter leader told Action 4 News.

The Twitter leader vowed to keep reporting about crime and public safety issues on-line.

Other Social Media Murders

Miut3 is not the first person who used social media to report drug cartel activity to be killed in Tamaulipas.

Just last year, a video circulated on YouTube featuring the execution of a who claimed to be a contributor to the Valor Por Tamaulipas social media outlet.

Another four social media users who reported on crime were also murdered in Nuevo Laredo back in 2011.

The murders also come at a time when Mexican journalists are being threatened, kidnapped and murdered.

Many Reynosa residents have told Action 4 News that they turned to Twitter to share information what the government and the Mexican media cannot report.

Valor Por Tamauilpas

One of the Twitter users specifically mentioned in Miut3's tweets was Valor Por Tamaulipas.

Valor Por Tamaulipas reports on crime and drug cartel activity on both Twitter and Facebook.

The anonymous person behind the accounts posted a statement on Thursday morning.

In the statement, Valor Por Tamaulipas lamented the death of an "angel."

Valor Por Tamaulipas wrote the Miut3 was a close ally and they had both collaborated to report about what was really going on south of the border.

The anonymous author wrote that he/she had backed off before due to threats but always came back to reporting and had also warned Miut3.

"I could not make you listen and protect yourself like I told you," Valor Por Tamaulipas wrote in Spanish. "You ignored me those times I begged you to be careful. It was my fault for not insisting."

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