San Benito man fighting cancer wins $100,000 contest after purchasing T-Shirt

Abel Fonseca and his wife, Michelle Fonseca. (Source: Abel Fonseca/Facebook)

A San Benito man, who is fighting cancer and purchased a T-shirt off a website, is now $100,000 richer.

Diesel Dave, who is part of the Discovery show “Diesel Brothers” held a contest for an opportunity to win $100,000.

Abel Fonseca purchased a T-Shirt from Diesel Dave’s website, which qualified him to win the money.

In a video posted on Diesel Dave’s Facebook page on Sunday, Diesel Dave at first jokes with Fonseca about the order.

Then during the call, Diesel Dave learned that Fonseca was in Houston battling leukemia.

The call brought tears to the eyes of Diesel Dave and pure emotion to Fonseca.

Watch the video below.

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