San Benito to address pothole concerns

San Bentio commissioners say potholes throughout the city will soon be fixed.

San Benito commissioners say potholes on three streets in the city will soon be fixed.

During a city commission meeting on Nov. 21., commissioners approved the rehabilitation of three roadways in the city—Shafer Road, Whalen Road and Resaca Drive— to be repaired in the first quarter of the new year.

San Benito City Manager Manuel De La Rosa says the improvements will be paid with city maintenance funds.

“There’s funding available and if we do it in house with our crews, city equipment, it’ll keep us busy through the rest of the year,” De La Rosa said. “Finishing up those roads and still keeping up with just routine maintenance.”

De La Rosa says the city is speaking to several developers to fix other streets throughout the city.

The city will hold a public workshop Dec. 11 to discuss plans with developers about fixing the streets.

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