Brownsville ISD to offer payout plans to staff members

    Brownsville ISD to offer payout plans to staff members. (Source: KGBT Photo)

    As students across the Valley anxiously wait for the start of Spring Break, the Brownsville Independent School District is already planning ahead for the new school year, making sure a new plan is approved before the school year ends.

    During Tuesday's Brownsville ISD board meeting, the Separation Incentive Plan was proposed by Dr. Sylvia Reyna Hatton who is the Interim Superintendent of Schools for Brownsville I.S.D.

    "What we are trying to do is manage our personnel needs moving forward," Dr. Hatton said. "This is an opportunity for us to recognize their investment in our district. To say to them if you are planning to separate from our district, here is an incentive to help you in the transition."

    Three incentive plan options were proposed. Once approved, the plan would allow employees with over 30 years with the district to qualify for a retirement package.

    Although a decision won't be made until later this month, Dr. Hatton said it will be effective immediately and more will be added to it.

    "We're going to look into expanding this system forward," Hatton said. "We're going to propose an incentive plan with different levels based on years of education service to our school district and education years."

    It is a system Dr. Hatton hopes will continue to be carried out annually and will also complement the statewide $5,000 pay raise that is undergoing legislation.

    "We'll be firming up the numbers of personnel that we need in all our different positions in the district," she said. "This is a way of getting to the number that we will to look at ensuring that there is enough personnel to meet the needs."

    The option decision for the Separation Incentive Plan will be made during the March 18 school board meeting.

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