Police arrest notorious 'Grinch' to make sure people stay safe during holidays

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

One of the most notorious Christmas criminals of all-time was taken into custody Tuesday morning in Selma.

You would think having multiple blockbuster movies - the most recent one making more than $120 million at the box office -- would be enough to keep the Grinch from stealing but I guess his heart didn’t grow as big as originally reported.

The "Grinch" was caught in the act, stealing gifts out of a parked car at the Forum. But the "Grinch" won't be ruining Christmas this year. Live Oak, Universal City and Selma Police, along with McGruff the crime dog, sniffed him out pretty quickly. These officers are on high alert as part of "Operation No Grinch Zone."

Officers from these three departments are doing more patrols in shopping areas like the Forum and have a number of plain clothes officers in parking lots. Police are asking people to be careful this holiday shopping season.

“Trust your instincts," said Dan Pue, with the Live Oak police department.

"Don’t leave your package is in the car exposed, cover them up, leave them in the trunk, and don’t leave your purse exposed," Pue said.

Officers want to make sure people don’t become victims this holiday season. Make sure you lock your doors and keep valuables like cell phones and Christmas gifts out of sight.

No word yet if the "Grinch" will also be charged with animal cruelty. The way he treats Max is really unacceptable.

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