Sewer problems continue for Brownsville RV park residents

    Sewage problems continue at Brownsville RV park. (Source CBS 4 News)

    Residents at the Rio RV Park in Brownsville are seeking help after years of undergoing sewage problems in the area.

    People who live at the trailer park say the puddles of sewer water have been a problem for years.

    "We continue to have problems you know," a resident who asked to remain anonymous said. "They keep telling us they're going to take care of it but nothing has been done about it."

    Now they're at their wit's end. The new manager has done what he can you can see him really stressed out there, trying to fix things. But we don't know who else to turn to anymore.

    CBS 4 reached out to the owners who say they have addressed the issue with residents and are working with the county.

    "We're waiting for the final because we're putting in a whole new sewage system so it's just a matter for them to finish," said Darcia Ellis, Regional Vice President of BMB Management.

    BMB management, is the company that owns the trailer park. She says they have applied to get a new sewage system and believes once it is installed, the problem will be fixed.

    "We 've already addressed the city, the county we already tapped in about the sewage so we're just waiting so it can happen all the way," Ellis explained.

    As far as the current sewage problems they have staff on site working to fix problems and residents can report the issues to get fixed immediately.

    For now residents hope something gets done soon.

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