Some Rio Hondo residents unaware of boil water notice

Residents filling up water jugs due to boil water notice. (Source: KGBT Photo)

Rio Hondo residents are currently under a boil water notice and are advised to be cautious especially children, seniors, and people with weak immune systems. The notice was sent out to residents on Friday evening.

However, CBS 4 found that many residents are still unaware of the warning.

The boil water notice was issued after the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found the turbidity levels above 1.

"When those levels raise a little higher, it could possibly mean that there has been dirt mixed in with the water," said Jesse Briones, Rio Hondo Public Works Director.

Regardless of the recent water pollution, many residents tell CBS 4 that they frequently get their water at water mills.

"I don't like the way how sometimes it looks and how it smells and I just buy water," said Sulema Reyes, Rio Hondo resident.

"The tap water doesn't taste all that good, this is much better," said Ann Yoakum, a concerned resident.

Right now, everyone is advised to bring water to a vigorous rolling boil for two minutes and then refrigerate before consuming, using to cook and even washing hands. They are also advised to purchase water.

"We get our water from the back end of the canal. That canal water whenever it rains, or the water gets stirred up, or if water demand goes up in request, more water has to be processed in a quicker amount of time usually this causes the mixing of the water," said Briones. "The way a plant works is it works off of settling and once you let the water settle, it should come back to normal."

People who drink this type of contaminated water could experience symptoms including nausea, cramps, diarrhea and headaches.

City officials say they expect the notice to be lifted by Monday or soon after.

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