South Padre Island moving forward with reconstruction project

South Padre Island traffic (Source: KGBT Photo)

South Padre Island receives tourists from all over the U.S. and other countries. With Spring Break finally over, the city is moving forward on a project to give residents and tourists a great experience.

This week, the city will move forward with their 2018 Street Reconstruction Project that includes improvements on sidewalks, drainage system and parking spaces.

"We are improving 8 side streets, east of Padre Boulevard," said Alejandro Sanchez, Public Works Director at South Padre Island.

Sanchez said that it will benefit the safety and mobility of the residents. However, for many, the improvement of the drainage system is what has been needed.

Mike Gonzalez has been living on South Padre Island for years and says the drainage system has always been a problem in the area.

He adds that with many of the older homes built with lower elevation, new homes are built to be on a higher elevation and it becomes a problem when it rains as the older homes experience flooding.

"A lot of the problems with the drainage system that we have here in South Padre Island is that the water has nowhere really to go. Kind of goes by gravity to Padre Boulevard," Gonzalez said. “Curving and guttering is really going to be an advantage to those homes and basically all the homes here."

According to the city, the improvements will be lowering the streets, along with adding curve and gutters to help enhance the ability of the neighboring properties to drain into the street. Additional parking spaces will also be implemented throughout the city.

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