South Padre's EDC director to serve weekends off in jail

South Padre Island TMs Economic Development Corporation (EDC) director Darla Lapeyre is ordered back to jail.

She was first sentenced to six months in jail then released. Despite strong opposition by attorney Trey Garza, seven testimonies describing an intelligent hard working woman and dozens of supporters in the courtroom, Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez ruled the EDC director must serve a 180-day jail sentence.

Darla is devastated. I mean you could see it in her face as she left the courtroom. She was in tears, her attorney said.

The judge explained there had been some confusion when Lapeyre was released from jail in April, but says the time behind bars must be served.

Lapeyre is allowed to do her time in jail on the weekends so she can keep her job as EDC director and meet the terms of her 5 year probation.

Lapeyre's supporters were livid following the ruling and even attempted to block Action 4 News from getting a comment from her as she exited the courtroom.

They are obstructing her job by sending her back to jail on the weekends, a Lapeyre supporter said.

Lapeyre will have to report to the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center every Friday by 6 p.m. and will be incarcerated until 6 a.m. Monday morning.

The judge says the court will work with Lapeyre and will allow her to reschedule her weekend jail stay if she has to fulfill weekend work duties.

Lapeyre must serve her 180 days in jail within the next two years.

Also as part of her five year probation period, she must install an interlock alcohol device in her vehicle for a year.

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