Starr County Special Crimes Unit cracks down on underage alcohol sales

    Starr County special crimes unit cracks down on underage alcohol sales.

    While there is heavy law enforcement presence on the Island during Spring Break, the Starr County Special Crimes Unit is making sure businesses are following the law.

    CBS 4 accompanied a special crimes unit who cracked down on people selling alcohol to minors.

    It’s an operation that was launched two years ago.

    According to Brenda Martinez, who is the Starr County Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Liaison, said in 2017, they made 14 arrests.

    In 2018, ten arrests were made.

    “We're expecting a similar turnout for this year,” Martinez said.

    With schools out, the Starr County Special Crimes Unit is back on the streets and sent undercover minors into stores across the county attempting to purchase alcohol.

    "There's always been a history with underage drinking. Especially with Spring Break, everybody wants to have fun and they can as long as they're not breaking the law,” Martinez said.

    If a purchase is made, that's when authorities step in.

    During CBS 4’s ride-along with the unit, authorities arrested one individual from a store called A-M in La Grulla and another individual at Jr. Groceries in Alto Bonito.

    According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, anyone under 21 is considered a minor.

    Martinez said they forward these cases to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for any possible administrative penalties against the licensed premises.

    A complete list of stores that were visited and number of arrests can be viewed on the Starr County Special Crime Unit’s Facebook Page.

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