Stash house tip exposes 8-liner establishment

First 8-liner discovered in Penitas

The Peitas Police Department and U.S. Border Patrol agents raided what they thought was a stash house.

Instead, they discovered a recently opened 8-liner establishment with patrons gambling inside.

The 8-liner was located at the 2100 block of Expressway 83 in Peitas.

Authorities said the 8-liner is the first to be discovered in Peitas.

Four people were illegally gambling inside, and one of them was detained during the investigation.

A total of $329 and 24 machines were confiscated during the raid, and the manager was questioned.

She told authorities she was being paid $300 to manage the 8-liner.

Authorities are still investigating as the owners of the 8-liner establishment have not yet been identified.

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