Streets of Speed - Mercedes substitute teacher zapped 27 mph over the limit

The Mercedes Early College Academy on South Mile 1 East prides itself on the motto: "college ready, career ready, life ready."

But what about road ready?

"Isn't the speed limit here 45," Rick De Anda asked the Speedzapper?

Rick is a student at the school.

He's zapped on the Speedzapper's radar for speeding more than double the posted 20 mph limit outside the Academy.

Speedzapper: "Look in that mirror... What's the sign say?"

Rick: "20. Well, I was going 30."

Speedzapper: "What's it say [on radar]?"

Rick: "41. But then again everyone's doing it."

Speedzapper: "Does that make it right?"

Rick: "No. But if they can get away with it, I don't see why I can't."

Fellow students are outraged with Rick's attitude on speed.

"I don't agree with him," Bryan Ruiz said. "There could be an accident... kids always walk around the street and they might not see them... going 40... they're not going to be able to stop."

It's not just a student's actions or attitude for that matter in question.

Leeann Esparza is a substitute teacher for the Mercedes ISD who's zapped for speeding the fastest of the day.

Leeann: "I really don't have time right now."

Speedzapper: "What does it say on the radar miss?"

Leeann: "43... 47."

Speedzapper: "It's 47... the speed limit is 20 miles per hour. How come you're going so fast outside a school?"

Leeann: "Right now my daughter needs a change of pants... and I just got off of work."

Speedzapper: "Should you be speeding in a school zone?"

Leeann: "No sir."

Speedzapper: "How do you think it's going to look?"

Leeann: "Not very good sir."

She's right about that.

Shirley Vogal believes drivers should be extra careful.

She's the school's nurse.

"At least they'll be slowing down today," she said.

School parents, like Art Hernandez, have tough talk for those who are zapped.

"People don't abide by the law," he said. "Zap 'em!"

It's a lesson for anyone who's behind the wheel.

"I've been zapped," Rick said.

The superintendent for Mercedes ISD was contacted late in the afternoon on Tuesday to see if part time staff should be setting the example on district roadways in the same manner as full time employees are expected to do.

The Speedzapper has not yet received a response.

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