Strong winds in the Valley leave behind problems

A light pole fell down on top of a vehicle in a parking lot in Mission on Tuesday afternoon. High winds caused numerous problems across the Valley. (Source: 956 Towing and Recovery/Facebook)

It's a battle with the winds throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

With wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, in Cameron County, it was difficult for some to go about their daily routine, especially those working outdoors.

"It's really bad. Our signs are blowing away and a lot of the markers are also blowing away. We're standing right there and it’s a little difficult for us to stand up," Sergio Zamora, a windshield technician, said.

Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen says those rough winds caused almost 500 power outages throughout the day.

"This is just a roller coaster effect we have this season when we have a lot of cold fronts coming in," Hushen said.

If you're out driving in these conditions. Hushen says it is very important to keep your eyes on the road and have both hands on the wheel as the wind is strong enough to move your car into a different lane.

For now, residents hope the winds will calm down.

"We just got to bunker down and just wait it out to see if it'll clear out a little bit, I highly doubt it," Zamora said.

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