Surprise tugs on band director's heartstrings, cries when rewarded cash for kindness

Nobody strikes up the band quite like Jose Chaidez.

He's the Maestro for the Mighty Hawks in Brownsville at Faulk Middle School.

But it's not just his musical direction over the last 9 years that his assistant band director, Eloisa Guzman, wants to recognize, it's also his ability to give from the heart.

She wants to Pay it 4Ward for the class trips he helps students pay for out of his own pocket and the round trip airfare tickets he bought for her so she could attend her father's funeral.

The surprise, however, needs to happen fast.

Ryan: We have to make a quick change of plans... the band director is about to release his students for the day... this is the last day of school... So we're changing up the whole Pay it 4Ward plan to quickly get there... We're about to surprise him right now in front of his students with $400 cash as part of Pay it 4Ward.

Ryan: "Jose!"

Jose: "Yes?"

Ryan: "Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News."

Jose: "Nice to meet you Ryan Wolf."

Ryan: "Do you have any idea why we're here?"

Jose: "No. End of the school year, right?"

Ryan: "We're excited to see the kids go off... But we're actually excited because of you."

Jose: "What?"

Ryan: "It's the incredible work that you do for these students and the staff here at Faulk Middle School...

Do you realize the impact that you're making?

Jose: "No."

The assistant band director who nominated Mr. Chaidez steps in next to share why she wanted to Pay it 4Ward.

Eloisa: "I just want to take the time to thank you for everything you've done for this school... And these students...the time that you put into these students... What you give... It's out of your heart... on behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... I want to Pay it 4Ward...$100, $200, $300, $400!"

Jose: "Wow... Thank you very much... It's overwhelming... It's a shock... It's the last day of school... Everything's supposed to be easy... Here we are with cameras... And this is a surprise... The kids can tell you I'm a step ahead... I'm always a step ahead... And this I'm actually surprised!"

Saying goodbye hasn't been easy for the 8th graders.

Clarinet player Yulissa Tovar says the Pay it 4Ward prize is the ultimate way to say thanks for the late night lessons, the endless motivation, and the father-like role he's played to students over the years.

Ryan: "Why are you so emotional right now?"

Yulissa: "Because I'm glad that he's actually recognized for something because he has worked so hard for us."

Eloisa: "I've been working with this man for 9 years... Man it's been awesome to see... He's teaching these kids... It doesn't matter where they come from... Where they live... They can be successful in whatever they do... As long as they have passion and they go forward."

Jose: "That's my hope... That they'll remember what I'm trying to do... And pass it on to someone else."

Jose's incredible attitude makes an immediate mark on the newcomers in the room, including Action 4's Ryan Wolf.

Ryan: "I met you for just five minutes and already I love this guy... Give him a round of applause."

Even our Pay it 4Ward sponsor, Pronto Insurance, a company that's been working hand in hand with Action 4 News since the beginning to bring the $400 prize, calls the emotion in the room, incredible to see.

"It was really exciting," Domingo Reyna, Pronto Insurance said. "And this is what Pay it 4Ward is all about... Giving back to someone like him that is all about giving to his students... So as Pronto Insurance... It's great for us to recognize someone like Mr. Chaidez."

Eloisa: "Pay it 4Ward has shown that it can recognize people like himself... Like all those trophies recognizing the students... I believe it's time he is recognized... And that's what Pay it 4Ward has allowed me to do."

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