Teacher on trial for allegedly abusing students

    Teacher on trial for abusing special needs students. (Source CBS 4 News)

    Parents of students attending Laureles Elementary in Los Fresnos are demanding a response from the school district following the abuse accusations of a now former special needs teacher.

    "I said to myself my kids aren't going to get abused and now this happened and it's a feeling i don't want to get," said Ramon Valdez, a parent of one of the victims.

    After just months from finding out their kids became targets of a crime the emotions are still hard to bare.

    "Why was he doing this to our children? We trusted the teacher and everyday we trust the school district with our children's lives and for them to do this that's not right," said Fabian Cruzes, a father of another victim explained.

    In November of last year Los Fresnos employee Geronimo Martinez was indicted by a grand jury in Cameron County.

    Martinez was faces two counts of injury to a child after being accused of physically abusing special needs children at Laureles Elementary.

    "The teacher would hit them with a head and twist their hand, it's such a shame," Valdez said.

    Martinez was arrested on November 30 and was arraigned on December 10 of last year where he plead not guilty. He was released on a $50,000 bond.

    Martinez is no longer working in the school district, but parents are still concerned and say the school district has yet to address the incident and are seeking justice.

    "There still a doubt there's still trust but I try to be more involved in the day process at school," Cruzes said.

    Los Fresnos CISD officials were unable to discuss incident due to personnel and student matters. They did provides a statement which states in part quote:

    " Additionally, parents were contacted after the allegations were brought forth and district administration kept parents informed during the conclusion of the investigation. In situations of this nature, the district offers students the opportunities for counseling and continues to monitor the students to ensure the students wellbeing and educational success."

    For now parents of the victims say they won't stop fighting until justice is served.

    "We got to get up and protect our children, and these school officials are supposed to follow," Valdez said

    Martinez's jury trial was set for Monday but has been rescheduled to April 8.

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