Teens in trouble after jumping zoo fence to pose with Galapagos tortoise

Fence at the Galapagos tortoise exhibit

A high school field trip ended with two teens in trouble after they admitted to jumping a fence at the Gladys Porter Zoo to pose with an endangered Galapagos tortoise.

Officials from both the zoo and the Rio Hondo Independent School confirmed the incident.

Students from Rio Hondo High School took a field trip to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville on Thursday.

Zoo officials confirmed that two students jumped a low-fence and got inside the Galapagos tortoise exhibit to suggestively pose for pictures with the endangered reptile.

According to the zoo officials, other students left effervescent antacid tablets on a bench with false hopes that birds would eat them and explode.

Other students reported the two who had jumped the fence to post their pictures on social media.

In lieu of punishment, the zoo agreed to allow the students to complete 100 hours of closely supervised community service.

Rio Hondo ISD Superintendent Ismael Garcia told Action 4 News that the school district does not condone inappropriate behavior by students.

Garcia said six adult chaperones accompanied 125 seniors on the trip and that the school district reported the incident to the zoo.

The zoo said it remains committed to education but added that groups will now be limited to one adult chaperone per 10 students.

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