Three injured after suspicious package explodes in Brownsville

Three wounded during suspicious package explosion in Brownsville

Paramedics rushed six people to the hospital after suspicious package exploded inside a north Brownsville home.

It all happened at a home on the 3000 block of Resaca Vista Drive around 7:45 a.m. Friday.

Brownsville police said 26-year-old Jesus Mauricio Juarez, 30-year-old Iviz Machado and 5-year-old Andrea Juarez suffered second-degree burns during a kitchen fire.

Police said the girl was later taken to a hospital in San Antonio for treatment.

Investigators said the family found the package outside their home.

The girl reportedly opened it up inside their kitchen where it detonated and delivered a 65-pound explosion.

Another three people were hospitalized as a result of injuries received following the blast.

Crime Scene

The Brownsville Police Department bomb squad has deployed their remote control robot inside the home where it detonated other bombs remaining in the package.

Authorities evacuated neighbors around 10:20 a.m. Friday.

Both the FBI and ATF agents are at the scene.

The Brownsville Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Team has also been deployed to the Valley Regional Medical Center where the adult victims were taken.

Hospital spokeswoman Robin Brechot said the hospital is not and never was on lockdown, barricaded or closed.

Brechot said three family members involved in the explosion were treated at the hospital but have since been stabilized and transferred.

Authorities called in HAZMAT crews to the hospital to decontaminate staff that treated the family, as a precaution.

The hospital has additional security on staff because of the increase of the increase of authorities and family members.

Brechot said the hospital and emergency room are open for patients and visitors.

Medical Condition

Records show that a couple identified as Jesus and Martha Juarez bought the home in 2011.

Valley Regional Medical Center confirmed that three members of a family were taken to the hospital just after 7:45 a.m. Friday.

Another three patients arrived around 11 a.m. Friday due to injuries that they received as a result of the blast.

Hospital officials confirmed that three of the six were stabilized and transferred to other medical facilities.

The other three were treated and released.

Hospital officials said inpatient and outpatient services are fully operational and that no services were interrupted at any time today.

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