Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition to partner with BISD

According to the CDC, nearly half of all tobacco users in the US are of high school age or younger.

According to the Center for Disease Control, one pod from an E- Cigarette is equivalent to smoking a whole pack of regular cigarettes.

The Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition say it is becoming a bigger problem for teens.

"There's a lot of youth that are actually more accessible to electronic cigarettes and the tobacco products," said Tobacco Coalition specialist, Daisy Board.

The CDC reported that there are 3.6 million tobacco users nationwide and nearly half of them are of high school age or younger.

"The FDA already called it an epidemic. If its 3.6 million in the United States, of course it's hitting Cameron County as well," says Board.

Although E-cigs are portrayed to be a safer alternative, it does not mean the product is safe.

"The reason why this was invented, the vaping products, was because it is actually for use for sensation. But, for youth that doesn't smoke, as soon as they go straight to vaping products its a nicotine high. They are actually overdosing on nicotine," says Board.

According to Board, teenagers are the largest consumers of E-cigs and the coalition is currently working alongside the Brownsville Police Department to make sure teens don't have easy access.

They are also working to propose a curriculum to the Brownsville Independent School District to educate students on the dangers of E-cigs.

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