Tornado reported in Willacy County

Willacy County certainly needed the rain just as much as the rest of the Rio Grande Valley and they sure got it.

Heavy rain, lightning, and flooding on the streets came just in time for the afternoon drive home.

One viewer called the Action 4 Newsroom telling us about the loud booming sounds coming from outside, with strong gusty winds following and his shaking picture frames dancing around on his walls.

Not long after, a tornado warning for Willacy County, with folks in rural communities worried about their safety.

5:41 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists tracked a tornado 10 miles east of Raymondville, moving South at 10 mph.

The good news for cotton farmers, their crops were already picked and out of the field, spared from the damage.

The downpour fell right where meteorologists said it was needed most, with Willacy and much of theValley under what the NWS considered an extreme drought.

The NWS investigates reported tornadoes before confirming them.

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