Troops along the border affecting Valley's economy

Depending on how long the troops will remain in the Valley, the economy could be affected positively. However, in the long run, we could see a negative impact as well.

Some say the troops presence could boost the Valley’s economy but according to experts, on a long enough timeline, it could also hurt it.

Right now there is uncertainty on how long the troops will remain in the Valley.

Depending on their time frame, it could bring more tax revenue to the cities along the border, but it could also hurt a town that makes over a billion dollars from international business.

The city of McAllen has been the number one shopping destination for Mexican nationals for many years, according to Visa international credit card.

The border town relies on residents on the other side of the border to bring in the revenue.

Right now with troops on the border, Nancy Millar, with the McAllen Chamber of Commerce says it could be good for the economy in the short term, however, it could hurt us in the long run.

"It could end up giving us kind of a black eye another black eye as far as public relations goes," said Millar.

In anticipation of the migrant caravan the Trump administration has pledged to send more than 15,000 troops to the border.

"Anytime you have a huge number of people come in it’s going to have a positive impact on the area economically.” said Millar.

The troops will be filling up hotel rooms, spending money at local stores and eating out at restaurants- all of which will bring in local revenue to the Valley.

"It could have a huge economic impact on us- negative economic impact- on the whole area because people are just going to be afraid," said Millar.

Millar says a recent video shared on Facebook, of a militia exercise on the border, has many questioning if that is how the international bridge will now look.

Possibly scaring off shoppers like Juliana Martinez Garcia, who comes from Monterey, Mexico,and says she likes to purchase clothes, house and kitchen items from the US.

As for the troops presence, only time will tell if it will boost the economy or end up hurting it.

The City of McAllen released the following statement regarding the possible arrival of the caravan:

"Right now, closing the bridge would be the absolutely last resort. CBP does not believe that will be necessary, however, they do have a contingency plan if that occurs. Obviously, for the City of McAllen it is of monumental importance that the bridges remain open for commercial traffic and activity; however, CBP is our partner and we will work with them on this contingency." -McAllen City Manager Roel "Roy" Rodriguez, P.E.

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