TSA denies claims of undocumented immigrants boarding flights with no ID

Border Patrol agents are dropping off undocumented immigrants at bus stations and now at airports.

Some said those who crossed illegally into the U.S are able to purchase plane tickets and board flights without a picture I.D as required for everyone else.

National Border Patrol Council said while they are unaware of immigrants boarding planes without identification in the Rio Grande Valley. A union representative out of the Laredo sector told us that it is happening in Laredo and it TMs happening quite often.

We spoke to National Border Patrol Council #2455 in Laredo, and what they told us was shocking.

"Sad to say a normal law abiding American citizen has to remove their shoes to get on an airplane these days and go through additional screening. For the U.S government to allow undocumented aliens access to our commercial transportation in the form of airlines is a giant security risk," said Border Patrol Union representative out of the Laredo sector Jarrad Seely.

Seely told Action 4 undocumented immigrants get dropped off at bus stations or airports courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security and it TMs all paid for by you--the taxpayer. But that TMs not all, he said Border Patrol agents at the Laredo International Airport witnessed undocumented immigrants boarding flights without being checked for identification. Instead, they provide an I-862 form, which is a notice to appear in court.

There's no photograph, there's no biometric data as far as fingerprints, so there is really no way to confirm they are who they say they are," said Seely.

Action 4 News called and emailed the Transportation Security Administration or TSA. The spokesman told Action 4 News "these reports are false. A notice to appear is not an acceptable form of I.D. at the T.S.A checkpoint.

However, Seely said it is happening and the court form is typically just printed from an ordinary printer, without a special watermark, which raises serious security red flags if in the wrong hands.

"Having another passenger on the plane that we haven TMt verified their identification and these special measures have been in effect for a particular reason because of the 9/11 terror attacks," explained a concerned Seely.

Seely stated that this is not just a concern for border communities, this is an issue of national security because the immigrants are then able to freely travel anywhere in the U.S.

They would have access to major international airports once they get past that security in let TMs say Laredo Airport, McAllen airport, where they catch their connecting flight," he said.

Seely said the concerns are legitimate, "We are very uneasy about it. Some of the men I represent are very concerned."

Seely also tells us he's unsure of just how many immigrants have been able to board flights without an I.D., but his sources told him that they've witnesses several and sometimes dozens of immigrants board departing flights from the Laredo International Airport.

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