Twitter users want justice after fourth social media murder in Nuevo Laredo

Twitter users on both sides of the border issued a joint manifesto asking for protection and justice

Twitter users on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border are speaking out and asking for protection.

The fourth "social media murder" in less than two months time took place in Nuevo Laredo early Wednesday morning.

Twitter users issued a manifesto on Thursday in hopes of getting justice and drawing attention to the issue.

Fourth Murder

A decapitated body and a blood-stained message were left on a busy Nuevo Laredo street around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

The message warns people not to use social media to report drug cartel crimes and activities.

So far, officials have not released a public statement about the murder.

Tamaulipas State Police have not even released the victim's name.

According to the message, the body is that of a "Nuevo Laredo En Vivo" user who went by the screen name "Rascatripas" or the "Fiddler" in English.

Past Murders

The first two social media murders happened back on September 13th when two bodies were left hanging on a bridge.

The third murder happened back on September 25th when the body of a newspaper employee was found decapitated.

Tamaulipas officials vowed justice for the families but no arrests have been made for the three murders.

Authorities have not publicly identified any suspects as part of the ongoing investigations.

Twitter Manifesto

The brutal murders is sending shockwaves throughout the on-line community.

Twitter users from Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, the Rio Grande Valley and other border communities issued a joint statement asking for protection.

They say the Mexican media is not reporting these crimes and that law enforcement officials are unable to control the violence.

The social media users are asking for the government to solve these murders and protect their freedom of speech.

Click here to read a full PDF copy of the Twitter Manifesto
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