Two brothers provide Thanksgiving meals for those in need

Two brothers will continue their tradition of delivering hot meals to those in need this Thanksgiving.

Two brothers will continue their tradition of delivering hot meals for those in need this Thanksgiving.

Darryn Caraveo says he started the tradition nearly two decades ago when he saw an Edinburg family in need.

“I saw how she felt and how her kids felt and they were just out there playing in the street," Caraveo said. "When I showed up with a turkey, it was like relief."

Darryn says he continued to deliver turkeys for a couple of years alone before his brother Darryk joined him in the holiday tradition.

"Seeing what he was doing, I got involved as well, and we've been able to help 1,100 families to date," Darryk Caraveo said.

The two brothers and their group “Straight Across” now help hundreds of families eat a hot meal on Thanksgiving day.

"Unfortunately, there is a big need here in the Valley for people that are hungry,” Darryk Caraveo said. “People that are living in poverty, and we are just trying to give back to the community any which way we can."

Darryn says he’s developed contacts over the years with local schools, parental coordinators and counselors that help to identify families in need.

This year, the group hopes to feed more than 300 meals to hungry families. The brothers are accepting donations starting Sunday through next week at Elton Mirfak Trucking Company in San Juan.

Some of the main items they’re asking for are:

  • Turkeys
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Corn on the cob
  • And sweet tea.
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