Two Valley Border Patrol agents' wives asking Nancy Pelosi to visit the border

Two Valley Border Patrol agents’ wives asking Nancy Pelosi to visit the border (Source: KGBT Photo)

Two Valley Border Patrol agent wives are calling out Nancy Pelosi to come and visit the Southern border, just as President Trump did.

Both wives of Border Patrol agents lived in uncertainty for the last month, as their husbands were required to protect our border, not knowing when their next pay check would be.

Now they are speaking out about the dangers their husbands face and why we need a border wall.

"We the wives of the RGV, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol,” wrote Jill Demanski, addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a Facebook post.

Demanski wrote the post in frustration of her family feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

"Would like to cordially invite you to come visit McAllen, Texas as President Trump did," she said finished in her post.

She wrote to come and see firsthand, what agents and their husbands do on a daily basis to protect our border.

"If she came here and went out with our agents, there are some things that she would see that I would hope would change her mind," said Demanski.

Demanski, along with other Border Patrol wives, shared similar opinion, "When I saw the letter, it just resonated with me," said Renea Perez, a Border Patrol wife.

Perez and her family are also feeling the effects of the furlough, except their husbands had to continue to go to work.

"He still waking up, he is still putting his bulletproof vest, he is taking his gun, anything can happen," said Perez.

Perez says she feels safe living here along the border and that is due to the Border Patrol agents doing their job.

Perez says lawmakers need to come together and listen to the ones that protect our border 24-7.

"What we need is to listen to our agents and the people that are there and people saying, ‘hey look, guys we need drones, yes. Yes, we need technology. Yes, we need more agents.’ But yes in this specific area, we do need a barrier or a wall," said Perez.

Both women speaking out for their husbands in hopes lawmakers can see what agents truly need.

"They can’t say these things, they can’t tell you the stories they see, they can’t tell you the victims they help, they can’t come out and say these things but I can. I think it’s important for people to see this perspective," said Demanski.

Congress has three weeks to come to an agreement to prevent yet again another government shutdown that would affect Border Patrol agents and their families.

Demanski hasn’t heard back from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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