Two Valley students start mowing lawns to raise funds for school clothes

(Source: KGBT Photo)

For many kids, the summer months could be filled with laziness. But for Noé Zavala, Jr. and Devin Silva. This summer they are cutting back on playing video games and instead cutting lawns across the valley.

“We just started a day ago,” said Noé Zavala, Jr. from San Benito.

When they realized if they wanted to get something for themselves, they had to work for it – even in the Valley heat.

“I’m helping them out, they’re doing the work,” said Noé Zavala.

Noé Zavala is Noé Junior’s dad. He’s helping out his son and his friend with the gas. The two friends take turns pushing the mower for those that couldn’t otherwise.

“The people that we know are usually elderly [and] we’re cutting their grass,” Zavala said.

They started at around noon on Saturday cutting the grass for a family friend. For the two boys, earning their own pay has more meaning.

“Us kids, we just expect our parents just to buy us stuff and sometimes we can be spoiled that easily,” Zavala, Jr. said.

Both friends say they want to get new clothes for school.

“I wanted to get more pairs of school shoes,” said Silva.

They are cutting lawns for about $20 to $30 depending on the lot. The two boys expect good business, they say they have around five clients already after Noé’s dad posted on Facebook.

“He just wants to do what’s best for me and I want to do what’s best for myself,” Zavala, Jr. said.

Dad says he wants his son and friend to be different from when he was their age.

“[I was] lazier,” Zavala said. “I learned pretty late. My dad didn’t push as much as [I do with my son]. But, my dad was a hard worker – he was hardly there.”

A lesson in hard work and giving back.

With recent rains and the heat, many Valley cities are reminding property owners to cut weedy lots in order to prevent being fined. Weedy lots usually can be a breeding place for rodents and mosquitoes.

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