Undercover animal abuse video evokes McAllen Walmart protest

Protestors set up blow up pig outside Walmart

A national animal rights activist group made a pit stop at a Walmart in McAllen to raise awareness about pig abuse.

They hope to bring awareness to where consumers purchase the pork they consume.

The group Mercy for Animals did an undercover investigation to expose shocking animal abuse practices by Walmart pork suppliers.

The protesters had a 10 foot tall blow up pig, and they held signs in front of the Walmart off Jackson and Expressway 83.

The activists say pork suppliers confine pregnant pigs in a narrow crate.

One activist said they endure blatant animal abuse for their entire lives.

They added that since the pigs are confined to a small crate, the pigs have no room to move or even sit down.

The undercover investigation revealed pregnant pigs in fly infested crates with bloody open wounds and multipule infections.

The supplier TMs practice is banned in nine states and the entire European union.

The activist group set out on a national tour to inform people that the pork purchased at Walmart comes from a pig that was tortured.

Kroger, Costo and McDonalds do not buy pork from suppliers who use narrow crate TMs for their pregnant pigs, so the organization is calling on Walmart to do the same.

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