Unpaid Employees Protest Against Day Care Owner

Unpaid employees at an Edinburg adult day care are demanding their employer to pay up. Action 4 News introduced you to a disabled man who claimed his employer never paid him after a month of work, and now, more victims are coming forward.

Joe Martinez first came to Action 4 News with the story, saying all he wanted was for his employer, Dahlia Casanova with Bella Hacienda Adult Day Care, to pay him the money he worked for. But after we aired Joe TMs story, people started coming out of the woodwork, saying they, too, never received payment for their work at the Edinburg day care.

Martinez, who is a disabled double transplant survivor, says he feels his employer, Casanova, was taking advantage of his situation. Other employees who have now come forward have said they feel the same way. Action 4 News came in contact with the owner of the day care, however she refused to comment on the allegations.

A protest was held on Thursday outside Bella Hacienda, where activists from the group LUPE and former employees shouted in opposition of the unfair treatment. Martinez says he will continue to take action against Casanova until he receives what he rightfully worked for, and has filed his last portion of grievances against his former boss with the municipal court.

We will keep you posted as this case progresses, and if the unpaid employees ever receive their wages.

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