UTPA, UTB students plan protests against Vaqueros mascot

Photo from the FB event page

Students are working together to hold protests at the University of Texas " Pan American and University of Texas at Brownsville campuses opposing UTRGV TMs mascot.

Students at UTPA have come together and created a Facebook event where they are planning to have a peaceful protest to let (UTRGV President Guy) Bailey and all the decision makers know that the overwhelming majority of UTPA and UTB students do not want a vaquero as the mascot.

The protest is planned to take place inside the UTPA Student Union Monday at 2p.m.

The event already has 241 people planning to attend with 1,700 people invited.

In the description for the event, it reads, Please note that the reasons for the opposition DO NOT include because it is in Spanish or has Mexican ties. We are proud of our heritage, we love being raza. Which is why we don't want an image from our culture to be depicted as a caricature.

The students are planning a second protest at UTB Nov. 20th.

The Vaqueros mascot was recommended by UTRGV President Bailey Thursday, and was approved by the UT board of Regents the next day.

Texas State Rep. Terry Canales (D-Edinburg) drafted a letter to the Board of Regents in hopes of Vaqueros to not be approved.

The Spanish term for cowboys received backlash across social media through memes and satire photos.

#UTRGV even trended nationwide on Twitter.

Supporters of the mascot, like Texas State Rep. Rene Oliveria, told Action 4 News that students should embrace the Hispanic culture.

UTRGV President Bailey also said that he stands behind the mascot choice and that the students will it embrace it over time.

The protests are set to begin Monday at 2 p.m.

You can see the Facebook event page here.
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