Valley authorities participate in active shooter exercises

(Source: KGBT Photo)

Preparing for an active shooter never stops.

For the first time, TMPA, the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement Agency made their way down to the Valley to train those who protect and serve us.

"Never tell yourself it can’t happen here," said Officer David Alvarado with the McAllen Police Association, who hosted the training.

Several law enforcement agencies in Hidalgo County spent Tuesday re-enacting scenarios preparing for the unknown.

"It's very crucial because these incidents are not common to occur, so sometimes as officers we can get complacent in the job that we do but it's important that we provide this training to keep people alert to remind them of what could take place," said Officer Wesley Perryell with San Juan Police, who also attended the training.

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies spent part of the day in the classroom learning new techniques on how to analyze and detect danger.

The difference between this training and others is making life changing split-second decisions.

"We want these officers that are attending to take it to a different level. We want these stress levels to rise to see how they would react in these types of situations," said Alvarado.

The next part was how to respond once an active shooter has attacked.

Along with responding to shootings, officers learned how to give self-aid and help partners that are wounded.

Part two of the training continues Wednesday morning in McAllen.

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