Valley Congressman votes no to controversial food stamp bill

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa voted against the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act that will cut the Supplemental Assistance Program (Snaps) by almost $40 billion.

A vote of 217 " 210 left Democrats, like Congressman Hinojosa opposed to the bill.

According to Associated Press, one in every seven Americans uses SNAP.

The Associated Press reported that provisions for the bill include new work requirements for recipients, to conduct drug tests and end government waivers that allow adults without dependents to receive food stamps.

The House bill will also cut free school lunches for students and food assistance for veterans.

This bill will also weaken our nation TMs farm and rural economies and jeopardize any chance at enactment of a new farm bill, to support our nation TMs farmers, ranchers, food security, conservation, rural communities, U.S. Rep. Hinojosa said in statement.

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