Valley family excited to witness President's arrival in the Valley

A Valley family was excited to witness the arrival of the President of the United States in the Rio Grande Valley

Amongst those in the crowd waiting for President Trump’s arrival stood 6-year-old Luke Esparza with his family, who wanted to witness the President of the United States arrive in the Rio Grande Valley.

Luke says it did not take much convincing for his mother, a teacher, to let him skip school today.

Christina Esparza, Luke’s mother, kept both her children from school to allow them to witness what she refers to as an important moment for those living in the Valley.

“Excited about the whole idea about seeing the President... we have always supported our President regardless of who he is,” said Esparza.

Esparza and her family support President Trump but believes regardless of who the President is, it is an exciting time for her family.

“We always teach our kids, as I teach my students also, regardless of who our President is we always have to show respect,” said Esparza.

As people on both sides chanted and waved signs, Luke, who one day hopes to become a Border Patrol Agent, says today is the best day ever.

“We got to see the President,” he said joyfully.

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