Valley men found dead in bed, neighbors report gunshots

Real-Estate Broker Betty Garza

Baldemar Hernandez, 25, was an up-and-coming realtor at Coldwell Banker- La Mansion Real Estate in McAllen for about a year, under the direction of broker Betty Garza. She knew him better as simply "JR. "

In November, Hernandez left the company looking for bigger opportunities out of the Valley.

Garza tells Action 4 News that Hernandez and 39-year-old Eric Florke, both his boyfriend and business partner, bought a house and moved to San Antonio.

Saturday, the couple was discovered dead inside that very home.

"It's very, very sad (and) it's heart wrenching," Garza said. "It's hard to believe, because he was an awesome person."

It was neighbors who discovered the lifeless couple in their bed, reports state, after their garage door had been unusually left open for days. New details from the San Antonio Police Department, indicate Florke as the suspect and Hernandez as the victim, hence the possible murder-suicide.

The report also states that a handgun was recovered from the scene, and that a neighbor told police she had heard two gun shots, but thought nothing of it at the time.

Garza said there was never anything that could've foretold the tragedy.

"They were both fine people. That's why this very hard to understand."

Garza adds the couple traveled often since Florke was a pilot and said Hernandez seemed happy in his relationship, as he was in all other aspects of his life.

"He was always happy, always had a smile on his face, (was) a very, very positive person, (had a) big heart and that's how we'll remember him," she said.

San Antonio police could not say if the bodies have been released to family members. They also would not confirm the men's names.

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