Vigil held for teenager shot in San Juan

Ray Santa Maria died last Thursday after he was shot while hanging out with friends. His family and friends held a vigil on Wednesday to honor the memory of their loved one.

A day after his funeral, those close to Ray Anthony Santa Maria held a candlelight vigil to remember his life.

Family members and classmates were at a loss for words and can't believe that Santa Maria is gone.

"Maybe I don't want to believe you know? Maybe it's a nightmare. One day I'll wake up and he's here,” says Jorge Santa Maria, Ray’s father.

Ray died last Thursday after he was shot while hanging out with friends.

"He was gone, that they tried everything, but they couldn't bring him back anymore," Jorge said.

Jorge was out of town and has spoken to his son moments prior to his death.

"The last conversation we had, I told him I love him.....and he told me the same thing and that was it," he said.

During the vigil, family and friends took turns telling stories- mostly about his generosity.

"He was my best friend and my cousin. Ray saved my life," said one family member.

"He was the one that talked to everyone, one that got along with everyone,” said one of his friends.

With broken hearts, those close to Santa Maria, are forced to carry on without him.

But, they are sure that he will never be forgotten.

"I don't know if you were at the funeral but, the rosary was packed, beautiful kid, he had his whole life in front of him...." said his father.

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