$10 million bond for Weslaco residents would bring drainage improvements


    After major flooding affected Weslaco last June, city commissioners will seek voter approval in May to approve money that will help with drainage issues in the city.

    Valeria Martínez from a Weslaco floral shop remembers the June floods and how water began to seep under the front door.

    “The business suffered a lot of losses, we had to rebuild the ceiling which parts of it had caved in,” Martinez said.

    The ceiling in the back work room had also caved in and the bathroom had to be rebuilt.

    In an earlier interview, a city engineer told CBS 4 that as the city grew, drainage requirements before were not as stringent as they are now. Many areas of Weslaco that are low-lying flood quickly.

    "It's been described as a bowl even," said JP Rodríguez, Weslaco city commissioner.

    Rodríguez says the district he represent was one of the hardest hit by flooding.

    "Even though there's six storm drains here, it’s not carrying the water out fast enough through those channels," Rodríguez said.

    Fellow city commissioners and the mayor last week passed a resolution to put a proposition before Weslaco voters in may for an approximately $10 million bond to be used only on drainage improvements.

    The city hired an engineering firm that worked with a citizens’ flood task force to find areas that need drainage improvements.

    So far, the city has leased a vector truck to clean out storm drains and a camera system that will help identify choke points in underground lines.

    Preliminary plans include channel widening, culvert replacements and detention ponds.

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