Wendy Davis announces ~I TMm running for governor TM

Wendy Davis // File Photo

Texas Senator Wendy Davis is running for Texas governor.

Davis announced her bid for Texas governor earlier today.

I realize that we have a challenging road ahead, Davis said in a statement, But after talking with my family, my friends, and my closest supporters, I am convinced this is the right decision,

Governor Rick Perry will not be seeking reelection for next year.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott kicked off his campaign for Texas governor in July.

We can make our communities safer, create jobs, and get Texas moving in the right direction, Davis said in a statement.

Eli Olivares, the President of Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus told Action 4 News that he fully supports Davis in her campaign.

"The greatest thing is that she understand women TMs issues. Women in this state have been attacked and it'll be great to have a governor who understands what women need," Olivares said, "Greg Abbott is a machine but we have to understand no matter how much money Abbott has, he will be worse than Perry. If the citizens get behind her, we can beat Abbott."

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