West African immigrant sues to get out of Cameron County Jail

Mexican Mafia Member Wilfredo Padilla (right)

Mohamed Bandjan wants out of the Cameron County Jail and back into a federal prison in Georgia.

In a federal lawsuit filed late last week, the West African immigrant writes that his life's in danger there.

Cameron County prosecutors brought Bandjan from a federal prison in Georgia to testify in the murder trial of Mexican Mafia member Wilfredo Padilla back in November.

A jury convicted Padilla and he TMs now serving a 50-year prison sentence for the death of Harlingen woman Jo Ann Chavez.

Bandjan claims authorities were supposed to transfer him back to Georgia to finish out a 10-year sentence for a federal bank fraud case filed on Ohio.

He claims he did his party but Cameron County prosecutors haven't lived up to their end of the bargain.

Weeks after the trial ended, he remains stuck at the Cameron County Jail where he claims overcrowding and poor conditions have taken their toll on his dignity.

Bandjan also claims he's been threatened by gang members he compares to a "pack of wolves.

He fears it's all retalitation for his testimony in the courtroom.

I really need your help to get me out of here, Bandjan pleaded with a federal judge in his lawsuit.

Action 4 News spoke to the Cameron County District Attorney's Office about Bandjan TMs claims.

Tge District Attorney TMs Office says it TMs aware of his lawsuit but can't make any statements about when he'll be transferred out due to security reasons.

Bandjan still remained in the Cameron County Jail as of Monday morning.

No court date has been set for his federal lawsuit.

Click here for a full PDF copy of his lawsuit
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