Willacy County mental health program facing lawsuit

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Just a few months after opening, a first-of-its-kind mental health jail diversion program in Willacy County is facing a federal lawsuit.

CBS 4 obtained copies of the lawsuit against the parent company of Inspired at La Jarra Ranch in Raymondville.

According to the documents, Disability Rights Texas says it was denied access and records to investigate a complaint of possible abuse and neglect of an inmate.

Brandy Leonhardt, the President and CEO of the facility, said they have not received the lawsuit yet.

In a statement the privately owned mental health care company responded:

IBH did not deny access to Disability Rights. It opened it's doors the Disability Rights Attorney upon her request. She spent 10 hours at the facility interviewing our residents and inspecting the facility itself.

But she said the attorney for Disability Rights Texas was allowed into the facility and spent 10 hours interviewing inmates.

Disability Rights Texas did not respond to our request for comment.

Inspired at La Jarra first opened it's doors to five Cameron county employees in August 2018, as part of an agreement with Cameron County.

For now, IBH says they are looking forward in resolving the situation.

Click here to read the full statement.


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